Short review of K2 and Mongoose mountain bikes

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Short review of K2 and Mongoose mountain bikes
Sometimes when you are just starting biking you need cheap mountain bikes to fulfill your desire to ride. This the case for Josh from my suggestion box page. He asked me to tell him a good “dual-sport” bike to buy for under $250. Since telling him which is a good bike is a subjective opinion I thought I would give Josh a list to choose from. You may notice that I will be naming off mountain bike reviews this is only because at this price level these mountain bikes are great on pavement but can still do some minor trail riding.

Through all of this I want you to remember that sticker price is not final you can get the bikes cheaper if you want to make a deal. This list is in no particular order so just review all the specs and see which one you like. So let’s review some cheap mountain bikes!

K2 Mountain Bikes   

3614950339_be96945af0K2 offers a really great line up of cheap bikes in many different styles. The best mountain bike I found from K2 that is under $300 is the K2 Zed 1.0. This is a hard tail trail bike; this means that the bike only has shocks on the forks and not on the rear tire. I find that at this price range it is usually best to go for a hard tail just because if you get a full suspension you will get lesser shocks in front and back.

If you just get a hard tail the shocks will be a better quality. The frame and fork of this bike is aluminum so nothing special there; you will find this same specification on most cheap mountain bikes. This model comes with pad brakes. The Zed 1.0 is a 21 speed and that should be all you need for a bike of this caliber. The price for this bike is $299.99.
Mongoose Mountain Bikes   

The best place to buy a cheap mongoose bike is at believe it or not Wal-Mart. You may laugh and scoff but Wal-Mart does a great job of bringing cheap mountain bikes into the world at an incredible price. I will show you the best mongoose bike that they carry, but depending on the Wal-Mart near you this may be different. This bike is the Mongoose Detention. The Detention is a 26 inch wheel full suspension bike. If you really like a soft ride when you bike a full suspensions bike is for you.

Like I stated previously though the components won’t be as great but they may just reach your needs. This model comes with disc brakes which if you have only ridden pad brakes will be like a new experience for you. Finally you can stop on a dime. It is a 24 speed and comes with trigger shifters which are very nice on a bike. gzulv-ZghvWJkAkVV8vqiIXXXL4j3HpexhjNOf_P3YmryPKwJ94QGRtDb3Sbc6KYThe frame is again made of aluminum. The only problem with Wal-Mart bikes is the fact that you can’t pick the size of your bike. If you are average size then you are set. This bike comes off the line at a price of $299.00. If you are not a fan of Wal-Mart but you are looking for a good bike, try take a look at amazon website-there you can find really good bikes at a normal price.


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Prescription Cycling Glasses For Clearer Vision

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Prescription Cycling Glasses For Clearer Vision

Road cycling may not be a pleasurable experience for many shortsighted riders, because ordinary glasses do not stop the wind or flying debris from attacking their eyes from the sides. For contact lens wearers the situation is even worse, as the eyes can easily dry out in the wind and cause them to stick, and become itchy. An ideal solution for cyclists, whether they normally wear eyeglasses or contacts is to try using cycling glasses.

SanchezProfile640Cycling glasses generally have a design where they wrap around the eyes protecting them from the wind and dust both head on and from the sides. They usually have air vents too, so that they do not mist up when you get hot through exertion. Ordinary cycle glasses are fine for people who wear contact lenses, and there is a huge range of different styles to choose from. More recently, prescription cycling eyewear has come onto the market for people who have defective vision but do not take to contacts.

Prescription, or Rx cycling glasses are now available in three distinct types. The first one involves getting your usual prescription lenses permanently mounted into the frames that you have chosen. It is always worth asking in the store about this option, as some frames will not provide the option of Rx lenses. You can normally have the correcting lenses made up for you with any tint you require, and the result is a pair of bespoke prescription cycling sunglasses.


The second type is a normal pair of cycle glasses to which you can attach Rx inserts. This is like wearing two pairs of lenses, the correcting ones nearest your eyes and hidden behind the stylish cycling sun glasses lenses. With a dark or mirrored tint, other people will not be able to see the Rx lenses behind the shades.

Movistar-July-2014-2-300x199The third option is to get your cycling glasses prescription made into a series of different colored lenses. You will end up with a single frame to which you can attach the various lenses according to the light conditions that you will be riding in. This is by far the best choice for serious cyclists, who want to get the optimum vision during their ride. Different colors are suited to different lighting, so yellow is perfect for low light levels, whereas brown gives good contrast in bright conditions. So ideally, you will get a pair of lenses made up for all the types of lighting you will encounter, and also benefit from the fact that they are vision correcting lenses.

If you are shortsighted and willing to shop around, you will be able to get pretty much whatever style you want in prescription cycle glasses, so that you can look good as well as being able to see the road ahead. There is also the final option, which is to stick with your normal eyeglasses and keep them safe from the dust and grit of cycling by getting a pair of sports cycling goggles to wear over the top of them.

So now there is no longer any excuse to go without using the right eyewear when burning up the road on your bike. You can look for the information about the glasses at where you also can find a lot of mountain bikes for your kids.

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  Buying a mountain bike for women or not

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  Buying a mountain bike for women or not

Before we venture into actual buying of a ladies mountain bike, I would like to share differences between man and women bikes. These differences will, I hope, prove the point I am going to make further in the article.

0811-ycdf-montain-bikeAll differences between bikes for men and women are mainly orientated toward comfort, rather than features, abilities or usability. Some bike makers make bikes for women that feature shorter distance between seat and top of the frame. This is done because of generalization that women have shorter torso and longer legs. Other manufacturers make their women bikes with thinner tubes which makes the whole bicycle lighter. The difference in weight is small, and in most cases the cyclist will feel no difference. Only effect thinner tubes have is lower sturdiness of the bike frame.

In general, no anatomical reason exists for different bicycles for men and women, apart from seating. Some manufacturers try to convince women that they should not ride male oriented bicycles because they are not made for them. That is silly because there are all kinds of sizes and types of mountain bikes for everyone to choose from.

Only major difference between male and female oriented bikes is the saddle. As you all know, anatomy of male and female is different and male saddles are not comfortable for ladies. But you should not buy a bike just because of saddle; you can by saddle only and save a bunch of money through that.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a bike at various shops, you can find a good bike for little money and then buy a saddle to increase the comfort, at There is a great variety in bikes, going from different frames and handles, up to different tire size.

COUNTDOWN-COOL-SYSTEM-WOMEN_485_485But all this I wrote doesn’t mean that you should go in first store that sells bicycles and buy one. No, there is still choice to be made. First of all you will want a comfortable bicycle, even if you are buying mountain bicycle. But comfort is not everything; you will want to buy a bicycle that is right size, not too big or too small for you. There are also tires that come in several different sizes. You should try a bike before you decide to buy it.

Brakes are important as well as number of gears, but the most important thing in a bike is the frame. Modern bike frames are made out of aluminum or carbon. There are also bike frames made out of steel which makes those bikes cheap but weighty.
BeFunky_Girls in Costa Rica .jpg_2

And then there are hardtails and full suspension frames. Hardtails are bikes with frames that have only front suspension, or in some case no suspension at all. This makes them faster but less comfortable. Full suspension bikes have suspension on both ends and in the middle of the bike as well. They are comfortable, but be careful, a good full suspension bicycle costs and if you don’t have at least 800-900 dollars to spare, don’t buy cheap full suspension bikes it is not worth it.

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How To Choose The Best GT Mountain Bikes For Your Mountain Biking

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How To Choose The Best GT Mountain Bikes For Your Mountain Biking

If you love to bike or are looking to shape up by purchasing a new mountain bike, you might be thinking of purchasing one of the very popular GT mountain bikes that are currently on the market. However, with all of the choices that are available, it may be hard for you to choose the right type of bicycle for you. Luckily, the tips in this article can help.

The bicycles from this brand you can find at GT Official Page .fad60429f327559f9ecdc5cc9af852a5 They are very popular amongst professionals and serious cyclists. They tend to be built from very high quality materials, and because of this, the prices for these bicycles are higher than those of the average bicycle. However, they have been built to last and should be able to take on even the roughest terrain.

There is a different type of bike available for different types of needs. Some have been designed to go incredibly fast and will be useful for jumps and speeding downhill. Others have been built for endurance, so you can ride for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

When choosing a bike, you should think about where you are going to ride it and what you are going to be using it for. This will help you choose the best style for your needs. Figure out whether or not you plan to do lots of tricks or if you are looking for a versatile bike that can be ridden through town as well as on rough terrain.

You will also need to think about what size you need. To figure out your size, you will have to look at the geometry of the bike and compare it to your height. Specifically, you need to be concerned about how it relates to the length of your legs.

getImageOnce you receive your bike, it may not be perfect for you just yet. This is perfectly normal, even for high end bicycles. This simply means that you need to get a professional tune up or you can make some adjustments yourself. These may include adjustments to the positioning of the handlebars and the seat. If you do not know how to properly fit yourself for a bike, a professional bike shop will usually have staff available who can help you.

GT mountain bikes are a good choice for anyone who is serious about riding competitively or for the fun of the sport on rough terrain. These bicycles should last for a very long time, even if they are pushed to their limits. Truth to say, they are from place to place a little bit expensive, but still they are worth that money. It is better to pay once a big amount of money and eliminate the future concerns than to buy some cheap bike and have a fear of breaking.

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Health Benefits of Cycling

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Health Benefits of Cycling

Bike your way towards a healthier heart. Cycling is proven to improve cardiovascular fitness and is good for people with heart problems. It also decreases the risk of getting any heart diseases. As you cycle harder and faster you increase your heart rate and your breathing becomes harder. By doing so the heart is pumping more oxygen throughout the body and shaping the body to become more aerobic-capable. This in turn can increase a person’s fitness and maintain a healthy heart.


Cycling is recommended for people who want to tone their muscles. Build your muscles especially in the lower part of your body. Expect better-looking thighs, calves and rear end even after just one week of biking.


4719f0abe3a746225c63e3ad58cffc65Riding a bike enables you to burn calories without much effort like in running. It helps you avoid constant weight gain as it maintains good metabolism. Enjoy the benefits even when the ride is over with feeling great about yourself and your waistline.


Studies have proven cycling to increase lifespan. Experts agree that this is true, cycling just like other sports is a great way to stay in shape and improve your body in various ways.

Immune System

Cycling is proven to protect you from certain diseases. It can also lessen the risk of cancer. Enjoy the benefits of cycling and live longer. While doing any sport your immune system, just like yourself will get a good working out.

 Using Exercise Bike’s

recumbent-exercise-bike-benefitsExercise bikes are available in various types of brands and models as well as expenses to suit all budgets. There are three different types of exercise bikes and these are upright exercise bike, semi-recumbent exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike. Depending upon your personal need you can purchase the one, which suits your preferences. It’s an excellent cardio vascular workout and helps you to burn calories very easily, as well as getting into shape. Exercise bikes can help anyone to train endurance and burn the calories attaining a good and fit body.

Exercise bikes help a person to decrease their blood pressure level. Control panels show various readings and this helps a person on exercise bike’s to check whether they are achieving the target that they had set for themselves. The control panel gives the readings for the pulse rate, heart rate, the number of calories burnt, the distance travelled etc.
The bikes can be adjusted for the height. It’s easy to adjust the height of the seat as well as the resistance levels which can simulate real gears on a bicycle. There are also various programs, which are designed for both the beginner, as well as the for a more advanced workout. It’s important that if you suffer from any medical conditions that you seek the advice of a doctor and personal trainer before one can start exercising on an any exercise bike, so you don’t put yourself at risk of a medical complication.

It is also recommended to check for the best possible bicycle you can find in order to have a enjoyable and comfort ride. Try visiting – I’m sure you will be able to find the one that is good for you.

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Croatia Mountain Biking – your next vacation

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Croatia Mountain Biking – your next vacation
If you are tired of riding your bike on flat roads and tame bike trails, you might want to consider getting out of your comfort zone and indulging in Croatia mountain biking. Today, you can take a vacation to this cycling hotspot and spend every single day exploring the country and all it has to offer. There are even specialty vacations for cyclists.

This country is filled with unmapped trails, rough terrain, and scenic locations. The country offers a mix of diverse plant life, impressive views, and challenging trails that even the most experienced riders will find tough to get through. There are also many islands that you can visit.

24565There are several options for cycling through this country. You can plan your own trip and itinerary. Be sure to look into how the country is laid out and do your research if you want to find the best hidden spots. You may be able to take your bike with you, but it will most likely be more convenient to rent one when you get there, so make sure you research bike rental options also.

Guided cycling vacations are also available. A number of companies offer vacation packages that are specifically for cyclists. You can choose a package that works well for you, so you will not have to worry about planning out your trip. Instead, every leg of the trip will be planned for you, which might make it easier for you to relax and focus on riding.

One of the benefits of a guided trip is that you may be able to cover more ground, since you will not have to worry about consulting a map constantly. A guide can also tell you about the locations you are visiting and take you through the most scenic paths. An added bonus is that it will be very hard for you to get lost when you are following a knowledgeable guide.

bike_parenzana_bridge_2_570_x_358You should be very careful when choosing a cycling vacation package. Some will be geared towards leisurely cyclists who want to take in the sights and move along easy riding paths. Others will be for cyclists who want a challenge and want to experience hidden trails or simply want to leave the trails behind altogether.

Choosing Croatia mountain biking vacation packages for your next holiday may be exactly what you need to unwind and get in some great biking. Be sure to research the different holidays available and select the one that will provide you with the best possible experience.
In case you are going for this vacation with your wife or a girlfriend, you might check this website, where you can find best mountain bikes for women.

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